Sunday, June 15, 2008


Singapore is not only a melting pot of religions and multi-racial habitants. This extraordinary melting pot lives also in the flavours of the food and culinary delicacies.
Each immigrant and expatriate has brought favourite dishes, ingredients, techniques resulting in an incredible range of cuisines, among which dishes like fish head curry and chilli crab remain among the favourites.
A special tasty and imaginative cuisine is the Peranakan or Nonya food in Sigapore, as a result of the culinary tradition of Perakanans (descendants of early migrants from China) marrying local Malay women: a mix of chinese ingredients andMalay spices and herbs. Try rempah and belacan (I will not tell you what the ingredients are...)
The hawker center in Singapore offers multi-ethnic meals: here an astonishing variety of dishes are cooked on the spot. An unique experience which confirms the potpourri of etnical races.
Besides simple dishes of noodles or fried vegetables with rice here you can find Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish and even Italian dishes. But honestly I would suggest to stick to a casual eating of far east specialities..

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