Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sydney - A masterpiece 20th-century building.

There are many examples of modern architecture in Australia. First of all, Sydney’s Opera House, designed by a Danish architect (called Utson), and opened in 1973 in Sydney’s Harbor, which has achieved worldwide recognition and is still considered a masterpiece of 20th century architecture. But modern architecture in Sydney is not only represented by the Opera House and I would rather point out another landmark of the city: the Sydney Tower, Australia's tallest building ( 320 meters high) which opened in 1981 to serve as a communication tower as well as a tourist facility. Three high speed elevators lead to the turret at the top, with observation platforms and restaurants that can accommodate almost 1000 people. Just imagine that the size of the top turret is equivalent to a nine-storey building... But if you choose Sidney in Australia for your next holiday, you will find many more innovative buildings and examples of modern architecture in Sydney together with examples of art deco. It is said that the inner-city precincts of Potts Point and Elisabeth Bay contain the highest density of art deco architecture (a phenomenon of the 1930s) in the southern hemisphere. One good example is the Criterion Hotel in Park street, another one the Piccadilly Hotel in Pots Point. Hotel reservations in Sydney in Australia.

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